Amy Duggar Fears for Anna Duggar: She’s Either in Denial or Being Silenced!

On Wednesday, May 25, Josh Duggar was sentenced to twelve years in prison following his CSAM conviction in December.

The depraved former reality star leaves behind his seven children (thankfully) and his wife, Anna Duggar.

Amy has very visibly reached out to Anna. She has also attempted to make contact behind the scenes.

None of her efforts have been successful, and Amy believes that her cousin-in-law either misunderstands her intentions … or is being silenced.

Amy Duggar Hugs Anna Duggar

Amy Rachelle King, better known as Amy Duggar, spoke to The Sun about her attempts at extending an olive branch.

“It’s been months,” she admitted. “It’s been a long time.”

Amy specified her last successful contact with Anna: “It’s been last November? When all of this was starting.”

Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar Throwback Picture

“She was happy,” Amy recalled of that conversation in November.

“You know how that happy look is,” she noted, referring to how women in the Duggar cult are expected to smile and radiate joy no matter what.

Amy noted: “She acted like nothing was wrong.”

Amy Duggar in a See-Through Top

Even without speaking directly, Amy has made a very public plea to her disgraced cousin’s wife, to no avail.

“I know that Anna checks her Instagram,” she noted.

Amy explained: “I thought, ‘Okay, could tag her in it and maybe she could see it.’”

Josh Duggar and Anna Duggar

The public Instagram post was a desperate measure, and not her first choice on how to speak to family.

“She’s not answering text messages,” Amy lamented. “She’s not answering phone calls.”

She emphasized: “I know she has a large account and she does scroll on Instagram.”

Amy Duggar on the Gram

“That’s a way to reach out and say I am here for her,” Amy reasoned.

She recalled asking herself: “How do you stay silent when something is so heartbreaking?”

Amy expressed: “Anna is being silenced or choosing to be silent or she’s choosing not to believe the real hard true facts of what’s happening.”

Duggar, Anna Photo

“If I were Anna, I can’t imagine the kind of mental state I would be in,” Amy admitted.

“It’s going to take a lot of time for her to really understand what’s happening,” she acknowledged.

Amy lamented: “It’s just really sad.”

Amy Reacts

As far as Amy knows, Anna could have read the post — or seen it and ignored it, or possibly somehow missed it entirely.

Either way, she has not heard a peep from her cousin-in-law.

“Maybe she thinks I’m after fame or likes on Instagram,” Amy suggested, seemingly at a loss for why Anna has not replied.

Josh and Anna Duggar Get Fancy

“That was saying I feel for you. Anna, I love you,” Amy explained.

“I’ve loved you since day one,” she emphasized.

“I want her to know how sincere it truly is,” Amy stressed.

Amy Duggar from a Car

“Everyone just wants the best for her and her children,” Amy affirmed.

“And,” she added, “for them to be safe and protected.”

Of course, for any of that to happen, Josh’s prison term was pretty necessary … which may be why Anna is seemingly at odds with her.

Anna and Josh Outside of Court

Amy has been a vocal critic of Josh following his arrest, neither pretending that he is innocent as Anna has done nor limiting her statements as Jim Bob would certainly prefer.

Anna has appeared to be completely in denial, even spinning wild conspiracy theories about her husband’s case, and it appears that his conviction in December has not changed that.

What Amy knows, what the rest of us must remember, is that Anna is also a victim of this sinister cult. A lifetime of brainwashing to worship her husband does not go away overnight.


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