Ashley Martson to Amber Portwood: Shut Up About 90 Day Fiance, You Knife-Wielding Maniac!

Last week, Amber Portwood had a meltdown at a comparison to 90 Day Fiance scumbag Geoffrey Paschel.

Amber was outraged to see her relationship with Dimitri Garcia compared to any couple on the other reality series.

She completely missed the point of the comparison.

And her extremely visible freakout only grew worse when she finally understood what the comparison was all about.

Now, 90 Day Fiance star Ashley Martson is firing back at Amber for her outburst.

Teen Moms who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Or shoes. … Or machetes.

1. Ashley is taking aim at Amber AND Dimitri

Ashley martson at the season 4 tell all
Seeing the two of them rant about 90 Day Fiance (sort of; you’ll see in a moment), Ashley writes: “These two need to calm down. 90 Day Fiance relationships are not 90 days, the marriage time on the visa is.”

3. It doesn’t work like Amber is imagining

Ashley martson his time is up
“Many couples spend years before marrying,” Ashley notes, referring to spending years in long-term relationships or seeing each other for only short periods of time during international visits.

4. People in glass houses …

Ashley martson wants a divorce
“And quite frankly,” Ashley accuses, “acting offended by the show and the relationships kinda is dumb considering … well … her and her relationships are more messy than most 90 Day couples.”

5. “Just saying”

Ashley martson ig story vs amber portwood
Ashley is making some very solid points, here. And we all know Ashley’s bumpy relationship history — when she’s calling people out, you know that they’ve screwed up.

6. So what got Amber so riled up in the first place?

Teen mom mama drama ig amber portwood v geoffrey paschel

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