Derick Dillard SLAMS Counting On for Hurting His Family, Compares Jim Bob Duggar to Jeffrey Epstein

As we all know, Jim Bob Duggar has all but exiled Jill, his own daughter, from the family home, enforcing distance between her and her siblings.

Derick has been taking shots at Jim Bob for some time.

He also harbors some real grudges against TLC for continuing to enable Jim Bob and, he says, for “defrauding” fans.

In a new rant spread out over a series of Instagram comments, Derick compares Jim Bob to Jeffrey Epstein.

He calls out his Father In Law and TLC alike for their deceitful practices and for valuing money and ratings over human beings.

Derick also says that Counting On has done real harm to his family.

1. Derick Dillard is at it again

Derick dillard on social media
He is railing against Jim Bob Duggar and TLC alike, saying that the show has done real harm to his family and making some serious statements about JIm Bob’s aggressive behavior.

3. One follower was considerably less than hyped

Derick dillard ig 01 counting on is nothing close to reality
“Really!?” Derick comments beneath TLC’s post. “This show is not anything close to reality. From what we’ve seen, not accurate at all. Maybe I’ll start a livestream during episodes critiquing what is really going on in real time.”

4. Then he lays into Jim Bob

Derick dillard ig 02 under jim bobs control will attack victims
“That’s because [the show] is still under [Jim Bob’s] control, and he will attack the victims if they threaten his show,” Derick accuses. “We were humiliated and threatened when we first tried to not film. Now it’s not dependent on us anymore to keep the show going because more kids got married, so it’s more OK if we quit.”

5. Counting On is just a fraud!

Derick dillard ig 03 counting on is a deceptive business plan

6. Derick engaged with fans

Derick dillard ig 04 does it support them
Some commenters deleted their words after Derick began to chat, either because they realized that they were wrong or were embarrassed by their words being seen or for other reasons. Others, however, were happy for the surprise Q&A.

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