Jenelle Evans: I’m Doing Great! Everything is Fine! David Who?

Jenelle Evans, and pretty much her whole entire life, is a mess.

It’s always been that way, so it’s not much of a surprise, and it hasn’t always been her fault, but it’s the truth.

At this point, we have heaps and heaps of evidence that she’s back with David Eason, so much that we’re really not even sure how she thinks she’s fooling anyone when she says she isn’t.

But that’s what this whole story is about today — Jenelle and how she really thinks she’s got everyone fooled.

1. Where to Start?

Jenelle evans a selfie
Jenelle’s live has changed in many major ways in the last year. It’s pretty intense when you think about it.

3. The Catalyst

David with nugget
Then David brutally killed her poor little French bulldog, Nugget, and everything went all to hell.

4. So Long, MTV

Jenelle evans for mtv
The Nugget incident was what finally inspired MTV to announce that they were done with her — she hasn’t filmed for the show since, and although statements have been vague, it’s pretty clear now that they’ve cut ties with her permanently.

5. Bye, Kids

Jace ensley kaiser maryssa
After word got out about what happened to Nugget, CPS took Kaiser, Ensley, and Maryssa away from them, too — it was pretty serious.

6. Later, Dave

Jenelle eason with dave eason
And after all that, when it was all said and done, Jenelle decided to leave David and move to Nashville to start a new life.

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