Jenelle Evans: MTV Totally Wants Me Back But I’m DONE With Them, Dude!

Jenelle Evans is finally free.

No, not from David Eason.

Sadly, she’s still in the throes of that never-ending domestic drama, having moved back to North Carolina to resurrect her wildly unhealthy relationship.

The freedom that Jenelle is boasting about these days has to do with her contract with MTV.

Evans says she’s no longer under contract with the network and is now free to work with other media outlets.

But she says it wasn’t easy to gain her independence, as her former bosses made a last-ditch effort to lure her back in.

Take a look:

1. Free At Last

Jenelle evans on tik tok
Jenelle Evans is no longer an MTV employee. The former reality star hinted this week that after a year of unemployment, her contract with the Viacom Corporation has expired.

2. Locked Down

Cute jenelle evans photo
Jenelle got fired from MTV back in April of 2018, but it seems her contract contained a non-compete clause that did not expire for a full year.

4. All Falls Down

Jenelle evans and david eason in december
Jenelle not only helped David avoid prosecution for the crime, she refused to distance herself from her husband even when an ensuing CPS investigation cost her custody of her children.

5. Domino Effect

Jenelle evans sells the tea
MTV has taken a lot of flak over the years for putting up with bad behavior from its stars, but even its famously lenient execs drew the line with Jenelle.

6. The End of an Era

Jenelle evans smirks
After a decade on the air, Jenelle was fired from the network following the dog-killing/child abuse scandal.

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