Teen Mom 2 Season 10 Preview: STDs, Abusive Baby Daddies, and the Return of Kail’s Mom!

Well, another season of Teen Mom 2 is almost upon us.

Obviously, it’s difficult for any reality show to really keep things fresh after a decade of filming, but TM2 has a secret weapon — a cast full of young parents who love drama and are addicted to bad decisions!

MTV debuted the trailer ror the new season on Monday night, snd if you were worried about the show running out of steam, fear not:

We’ve got STD confessions, meddlesome baby daddies, and even the not-at-all-long-awaited return of Kailyn Lowry’s mom.

Needless to say, it should be a doozy.

Take a look:


1. Teen Mama Drama

Tm2 s10
The official trailer for Teen Mom 2 Season 10 is here. And it seems no amount of social-distancing can keep these ladies from spreading drama everywhere they go!

3. Big News!

Kailyn l
Before we go any further, we’d like to congratulate Kailyn Lowry on welcoming her fourth son. Sadly, that magic moment will not be featured in this season.

4. Much to Look Forward To

Teen mom 2 season 10 trailer the ghost of baby daddies past
Anyway, here’s the trailer in its entirety. It’s only 30 seconds long, but it promises plenty of drama.

5. Jade Getting Played

S10 5
We begin with an appearance from Jade Cline, who appears to be in a somewhat agitated state.

6. The New Jenelle

Jade cline photo
Jade joined the cast in 2019 to replace Jenelle Evans. But in the sense of bringing Jerry Springer-caliber insanity to the screen, no one can really replace Jenelle.

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