The Bachelorette Spoilers: Did Clare Crawley Really Quit?

By now, you must have read all The Bachelorette spoilers and rumors out there, right?

Heading into the October 13 premiere of Clare Crawley’s season, we’ve heard everything:

Clare falls for Dale Moss! And refuses to leave her hotel room! And quits the show entirely!  And now she’s engaged to Moss! And Tayshia Adams had to swoop in and save the season after producers panicked and got desperate!

Which of these rumors are true?

Which are complete BS?

The man who knows all, Reality Steve, has done his best to answer these questions, providing a primer for the episodes to come and letting fans know what they can expect.

Ready for the ultimate tease? Scroll down now!

1. Did Clare and Dale Really Meet Before Filming?

Clare crawley in all red
No, Steve insists. There was no contact of any kind between the star and the suitor prior to the pair meeting at La Quinta Resort & Spa in La Quinta, California.

2. How Did Clare and Dale Fall for Each Other So Quickly Then?

This is dale
Good question. Steve doesn’t have an exact answer. But he does confirm that Clare was drawn to Moss just based on his social media posts and photos. Similarly, Dale made it clear at the outset of the season that he has been a big fan of Crawley’s for years.

3. Okay. But are Clare and Dale Together Right Now?

Clare crawley kisses dale moss
Yes. They are 100% a couple.

4. Did Clare Quit to Be with Moss?

Clare crawley with a special rose
No. Steve says it’s closer to the opposite. Producers saw the sparks between Crawley and Moss and it was mostly their idea for her to stop filming because there was no point in pretending she hadn’t made up her mind.

5. Were Producers Really Left in a Panic?

Clare crawley is the bachelorette in 2020
Not especially. Executives actually feared early on that this would be a boring season due to the isolated location and all the ways the show had to be shot because of COVID-19. Therefore, they were excited to push Clare out the door and tease this huge “twist” as a way to garner attention.

6. Are Clare and Dale Engaged?

Clare on night 1
Not to Reality Steve’s knowledge. Clare remains on location in California, so she hasn’t even spent a ton of time with her chosen suitor.

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