Tori Roloff Implies Daughter Has Never Met Her Cousin, Seemingly Exposes Family Feud

Tori Roloff very likely meant no harm by her latest Instagram Stories post.

She almost definitely just wanted to share some new and cute photos of daughter Lilah.

In doing so, however, the beloved Little People, Big World star may have revealed a rivalry within her own family that appears to be more intense than ever before.

Tori and Zach on Easter

Allow us to explain…

At this point, there’s no disputing the fact that Jacob Roloff does not see eye-to-eye with Audrey Roloff.

The in-laws are vastly different in terms of their religious beliefs and how they view the world, which has recently prompted Jacob to call Audrey out for her inaction when it comes to the Black Lives Matter movement.

This feud isn’t new, however.

We started writing about Jacob and Audrey not getting along back in 2017.

Celebrating Young Jackson

Tori, however, is as mild-mannered as they come.

She has never said a cross word about Audrey, and yet there have been hints here and there that these family members aren’t exactly best friends.

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A somewhat recent case in point?

Audrey was the only relative NOT to congratulate Tori on social media after the latter welcomed her second child in November.

Look at the Roloffs!

It’s fine if Audrey and Tori don’t totally get along, of course, but Tori’s latest Instagram post has seemingly exposed the depths of this non-relationship.

A few days ago, Tori posted a precious picture on her Instagram Stories of her daughter laying on the carpet next to a friend’s baby.

As you can see below, Lilah is rocking a matching rose-printed t-shirt and shorts set with a floral headband in the snapshot, which Tori has captioned as follows:

meeting another baby for the first time: a series.

Lilah and baby

Many followers took a look at these words, thought for a moment and realized:

Wait a minute! Lilah was born in November! And Audrey and Jeremy expanded their family six weeks later with the arrival of son Bode!

So if Lilah is only meeting a baby for the first time here, then that means she has never met her cousin, right?!?

There’s really no other conclusion too be drawn if what Tori wrote above is accurate.

lolah and baby 2

To be fair, of course, COVID-19 hit in March and almost everyone in America has been under quarantine ever since.

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But to also be fair, Bode was born two months before this outbreak, meaning there was plenty of time for the families to get together before this virus took over the world.

Earlier this month, Jacob unfollowed Audrey after years of disagreements over politics.

Tori has not taken the same step, nor would we expect her to do so.

Tori and Zach Roloff and Kids

We doubt there’s any real bad blood between these women, they just aren’t especially tight.

Which is fine, of course. It’s just notable.

And also a little bit sad.

Husbands Zach and Jeremy are twins and, in an ideal world, their wives would be besties and the cousins would also be good friends for life.

Laughing with Ember

Alas, this isn’t an ideal world.

The Roloffs are partly popular because they seem to all get along and they’ve avoided any sort of real scandal over the years.

Is this alleged rivalry between Tori and Audrey a scandal? No, we wouldn’t say so.

It’s just worth keeping an eye on as things go forward.

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